Empower Foundation is a Mumbai based NGO run by young citizen across India, who believe in bringing some change in system and make things better ! We mainly focus on 4 areas : (1) Wildlife and Environment Conservation (2) Tribal Upliftment (3) Youth Development (4) Cultural Restoration and Development.

Our work has been avidly covered by respected media like The Times of India, Hindustan Times, DNA, The Midday, India Today, Outlook, Globalpost USA, The Sunday Guardian etc.


What we stand for....

Empower is a word which is self explanatory and it is a key catalyst to any change or betterment. There are innumerable examples in world where the mankind was empowered – either with knowledge, technology, skills, confidence or motivation and their world changed. It is the so called powerful who can empower the un-powered, so called learned who can teach, so called happy who can spread happiness !

Establishment – When likeminded people with fire to do something for someone beyond self come together with no expectation of returns except satisfaction, something called "Establishment" emerges. We are an establishment of passionate and young people from various segments and walks of life ranging from management, art, industry, creative fields, wildlife, psychology, education etc. The multifaceted skills and immense experiences of the team could be drawn upon to address a wide range of issues.

Motivate – The basic fundamental of the “Motivation” in the Social Sector is that if the person working for others is not motivated himself / herself, how would he motivate others ? Else it would be mere business or a robotic transaction without the human touch ! So it goes without saying that all our associated are highly motivated and passionate about being instrumental in changing someone’s life or something and that is what drives us !

Protect and Promote – One can promote only when one protects first – We intend to put our efforts in protecting and promoting the good for the society in our efforts.

Oppressed Life – Underprivileged, demoralized or even exploited – these are our focus area.

Welfare – Happiness, Safety and Good – this is the core to any social service !

Economic Freedom – It is a big word with a deep meaning but if a small percentage of the same is achieved, it will mean a lot ! With our team of associates we have a vision to bring economic freedom to the oppressed by ensuring awareness, training, funds and regular support, monitoring and required expertise. Not just finding them the way to start but also the platform to achieve their freedom is our Vision. Economic Freedom begins with Awareness and ends with Policy making , both the legs where we are very active.

Rights – Awareness is the mother of all problems. Forget the people in the rural or tribals in the forest, even the middle class in the urban cities and young active on social networking platforms are also sometimes not aware of facts which makes them vulnerable and weak in opinion making and breaking. Educating them and empowering them is our core agenda so all are informed and get right facts and opinions and become instrumental in bringing the social change.

Vision & Mission

Mission – To “Empower” the underprivileged – with awareness, knowledge, spirit, skills and the right way to lead life.

Vision – To work with our team of associates and local partners to fight poverty and injustice to the oppressed and most vulnerable people and non-people which includes animals and environment at large which can not speak or represent for itself or does not form a vote bank to attract any political support for protection and promotion – we believe in helping them fight for their rights covering rights to food, shelter, protection, education, healthcare and economic freedom !


Strategic Objective in line with Vision and Mission :
  • Act as an body to create awareness, knowledge and literacy towards basic rights and welfare for the society (covers people and non-people. ie. animals, environnment etc) and underprivileged in particular.
  • Establishing dynamic processes/models of protection and promotion of welfare of the society at large.
  • Promoting voluntarism to engage in social development and upliftment of the underprivileged.
  • Increasing professional skills and employability of financially and socially disadvantaged communities.
  • Develop a structured research and documentation process that can be shared with other stakeholders at national and international levels
  • Influencing policy reform and decision making processes.
Our Values
  • Empathy, Education, Empowerment: This progression is central to our belief of serving the underserved. Empathy for those denied with a rights based approach. Education for economic empowerment. Thus a life of dignity and self reliance.
  • Courage, Commitment, and Trust: These are the core beliefs of Empower Foundation. These values guide our actions and decisions as we work towards fulfilling our mission by nurturing lasting relationships with the communities in which we are rooted, with support from our associates, team members and donors.
Our Inspiration
Late Vinod C. Mehta (1946-2002), born in the erstwhile princely state of Wankaner, Gujarat on May 17, 1946 had always a passion towards the development and upliftment of the society. An Industrialist by profession, his major life passed in Kolkata (1975-2002) where people management becomes the key for any businessman due to the communist approach. Suprisingly, labour problems were something missing for him, as labour were not just workers but people and he had never thought twice before extending a helping hand to anyone. 

Not just labours, but also street children, youth and orphans were the beneficiaries through his social work and his association with the Rotary Club of Belvedere Gardens, Calcutta or International Institute of Social Development. Creation of jobs for the community and upliftment of the Gujarati community as a Founder of Akhil Bharatiya Gujarat Parishad (East India) was another duty of life. Ensuring West Bengal represents India in the Olympics for Kabaddi was another successful mission,Vinod Mehta drove as a representative of West Bengal Kabaddi Association. Kolkata lost this loved philanthropist, "Vinu bhai" as fondly called on January 1, 2002, but he lives forever as an inspiration behind Empower Foundation.

Empowering the Unpowered - An NGO in Mumbai empowered by Corporate and Young India

Establishment Motivated to Protect & Promote Oppressed life’s Welfare, Economic Freedom & Rights